BERNINA L 860 - Visit, call or email us for added discounts to our listed MSRP price!

BERNINA L 860 - Visit, call or email us for added discounts to our listed MSRP price!

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Overlocker with color touch screen

  • One-step BERNINA Air Threader
  • Easy on-screen stitch selection
  • Convenient freearm
  • Total Stitch Control for perfect seams
  • Grand sewing space



    The One-step BERNINA Air Threader

    • Thread the machine by one simple step
    • Now, you're ready to sew
    • Imagine threading that is actually fun

    The looper threads are magically moved through the machine by air with one simple step on the foot control. Now both hands are free to guide the threads. The L 860 automatically sets the loopers in the correct position of the air threader – no turning the handwheel or searching for the correct position. Simply press the foot control and you're off!

    Extremely fast, precise & quiet

    • Sew up to 1,500 stitches per minute
    • Strong and consistent at any speed
    • Program speed via touch screen

    Not only can you sew quickly, but you can also sew stitch-by-stitch, making the flawless production of precise lines and curves a simple process. Plus, you will enjoy how extremely quiet the BERNINA L 860 sews. Best of all, you can easily adjust the maximum and minimum speed at any time on the color touch screen. 

    Sew in comfort

    • Raise and lower presser foot easily
    • Both hands free to guide the fabric
    • Easy access to the needles

    With the BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) you can raise and lower the presser foot with your knee. In addition, the presser foot easily swings out for convenient access to the needles.

    Intuitive operation via touch screen

    • Centrally located color touch screen
    • Sewing Consultant, Stitch Optimizer & helpful animations
    • Expert Mode or Guided Mode

    Stitch selection, individual stitch settings or personal memory – the touch screen has all available & allows you to make changes while sewing. Advanced users can apply all settings directly in Expert Mode, while the Guided Mode offers step-by-step instructions. Both modes automatically set the thread tension, stitch length and differential feed along with stitch selection.

    Grand sewing space

    • 5 5/8" right to the needle
    • Easy on/off Slide-on Table included
    • Convenient freearm

    The space offered on the L 860 is generous by any definition. The L 860 has the room to the right of the needle and work space height you expect from a BERNINA serger. Sew closed items with ease by simply sliding sleeves or cuffs over the convenient freearm.

    Total Stitch Control

    • Save 100 Stitches in your Personal Memory
    • Adjust stitch parameters while sewing
    • Set needle stop permanently up or down

    With the L 860 you can change all settings individually and save up to 100 stitches in your Personal Memory. Also, stitch length, differential feed, thread tension, cutting width or any other stitch parameter can be adjusted while sewing. A simple turn of the mtc (Micro Thread Control) lets you modify the amount of overedge thread.

    Quick threading

    • One-path, color-coded threading
    • Automatic needle stop function
    • Integrated Needle Threader

    The integrated Needle Threader and automatic needle stop up function make threading the needles simple. You can easily change from an overlock seam to a rolled hem or flatlock seam in no time because the thread remains in the same threading path.


    Stich Variations

    • Stitches: 18
    • 4-Thread Overlock with Integrated Safety Seam: 1 
    • 3-Thread Super Stretch Stitch: 1    
    • 3-Thread Overlock Wide (LN): 2    
    • 3-Thread Overlock Narrow (RN): 2    
    • 3-Thread Flatlock Wide (LN): 2    
    • 3-Thread Flatlock Narrow (RN): 2    
    • 3-Thread Narrow Seam: 1    
    • 3-Thread Rolled Hem: 1    
    • 3-Thread Picotstitch: 1    
    • 2-Thread Wrapped Overlock Wide (LN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Wrapped Overlock Narrow (RN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Flatlock Wide (LN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Flatlock Narrow (RN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Rolled Hem: 1    
    • 2-Thread Overlock Wide (LN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Overlock Narrow (RN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Blanketstitch Wide (LN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Blanketstitch Narrow (RN): 2    
    • Overlock Stitch Width  

    Technical Specification

    • Motor: DC
    • Sewing speed, stitches per minute: 1500
    • 6-step presser foot pressure
    • Weight of machine: 28.9 lb

    Comfort Features:

    • Centrally Located Color Touch Screen: 4.3"    
    • Home Screen        
    • Guided Mode        
    • Expert Mode        
    • Stitch Selection        
    • Personal Memory        
    • Temporary Altered Stitch Memory        
    • Manual Settings        
    • Sewing Screen        
    • Setup Program        
    • "?"-Help        
    • Tutorials        
    • Creative Consultant        
    • Stitch Optimizer        
    • Presser Foot Indicator        
    • eco Mode        
    • Stitch Selection with Automatic Default Settings        
    • Total Stitch Control        
    • Auto Default Thread Tension Setting and Digital Adjustment        
    • Auto Default Stitch Length Setting and Digital Adjustment: 0.8–4,5 mm    
    • Auto Default Differential Feed Setting and Digital Adjustment        
    • Cutting Width        
    • Micro Thread Control (mtc)        
    • Rolled Hem Selection Lever        
    • Stitch Finger Adjustable        
    • One-Step BERNINA Air Threader (for looper threads)        
    • Pulse Drive (L 850/L 860)        
    • Thread Feed Into Air Threader Nozzle        
    • Color-coded One-path Threading        
    • Can be used with any sequence of threads        
    • Threading Chart        
    • Stitch View        
    • Built-in Needle Threader        
    • Needle Checking Window        
    • Needle Screws Securing Plate        
    • Thread Tension Release        
    • Swing-out Presser Foot with Auto Swing Back        
    • Air Threader Circumvention        
    • Freearm        
    • BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) with Knee Lifter        
    • Grand Sewing Space        
    • Space to the Right of the Needle: 5 5/8"    
    • LED Sewing Light        
    • Sewing Light On/Off        
    • Stitch-by-Stitch Sewing        
    • Automatic Needle Stop Up        
    • Needle Stop Up/Down Programmable        
    • BERNINA Foot Control        
    • 2-step Presser Foot Lifter        
    • Thread Cutter        
    • Integrated Upper Looper Converter        
    • Accessories in Threader Cover        
    • Needle Pad        
    • Easy to Engage and Disengage Knife from Outside        
    • Sewing Speed Programmable        
    • Safety Switch for Needle Threader        
    • Presser Foot Safety Switch        
    • Safety Feature for Presser Foot Monitoring On/Off        
    • Safety Switch for Open Cover, Pulse Drive        
    • Carry Handle and Recessed Grip        
    • Knife Cover Insert        
    • Workspace height: 3 3/8"   

    Included Accessories

    Standard Accessories

    • Dust cover: To protect the machine from dust and contamination.
    • Power cable: To connect the machine with the power supply system.
    • Foot control: To start and stop the machine. To control the sewing speed.
    • Knife cover insert: To protect the fingers and to deflect the fabric cut-offs during the sewing process.
    • Needle set ELx705 CF: Recommended needles for all-purpose use.
    • Spool net (4 x): To support even unwinding of nylon, rayon, silk ormetallic threads from the spool.
    • Spool disc (4 x): For evenly pulling thread from a small thread spool.
    • Torx T10 screwdriver: To loosen/tighten the stitch plate screws.

    Other accessories

    Standard Overlock Foot #L10 (with Tape Guide)

    Slide-on Table (L 8 Series)

    Freearm Cover (L 8 Series)

    BERNINA Tweezers

    Brush (L 8 Series)

    Screw Driver

    CS Lock Tool

    Accessories Box (L 8 Series)

    Touchscreen Pen (L 8 Series)

    Cut-offs Bin (L 8 Series)

    Right seam guide (L 8 Series)

    Needle Threader/inserter (L 8 Series)



    This warranty shall extend for a period of:

    2  Years: in the case of electrical parts

    5  Years: in the case of printed circuit boards

    20 Years: in the case of mechanical parts from the date of purchase of the product.

    Return Policy

    This item is subjected to a 20% restocking fee.

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