Longarming Service

We are proud to offer longarming services here at Keaton Quilts. Longarming is completed in the shop by the owner, Justin. He's longarmed thousands of quilts for happy customers over the years.

** All quilts made from our kits receive 20% off longarming service! **

E2E pantograph Longarming - We offer 3 tiers for pricing

Economy (small selection of designs, Large scale)................... $0.03 per sq inch

Medium Density (large selection of designs, Medium scale)......$0.04 per sq inch

High Density (largest selection of designs, small scale).............$0.05 per sq inch

Custom Longarming

Pricing starts at $0.05 per sq inch. Please come in for a price quote.

Binding services are available. 

Feel free to bring in your projects any time during store hours for a longarm quilting consultation. 

Important FAQ's

Please note, your backing and batting must extend 5" further than the edge of your quilt top in each direction. (If your quilt top is 50" square - then your backing and batting must be 60" square.)

Please trim loose threads from your quilt top. A quilt top that has had all it's loose threads snipped will result in a much better final product. 

Please press your quilt top and backing before dropping it off. Fees will be accessed for quilts/backing that arrives wrinkled.

Do not baste your quilt layers. They need to be separate pieces in order to longarm them. Your batting/top/backing must not be attached to each other.  

All backing must be squared up or fees will be accessed to do this for you. Your quilt will not end up square if your backing is not squared up prior to longarming.

We also offer binding services. Binding strip must measure 2.5" wide and be 10" longer than the perimeter of the quilt. Strip must also be pressed in half through the full length of the strip.

We stock warm and natural cotton batting and dream wool batting.

Please note if you are choosing to bring your own batting, there will be an additional fee if it is one that stretches as it requires additional time and work to make sure your quilt remains square.

Just a few of our e2e Designs