About Us

We are a small 2 employee business located in NYC. It all started in May 2016,  when we were announced the 2nd prize winner of the National Bernina Quilts for Furry Friends competition.  From there, Jo-Ann fabrics named us their handmade hero, going on to star in a video for them and accompanying them as their special guest to the 2017 American Folk Art Museum Gala. In 2018, we were named an Olfa Ambassador, an Aurifil Artisan and also started writing guest blogs and tutorials for Sizzix. We were signed by MacMillan Publishing and our first book - Tiny World: Quilting - was released on July 7, 2020 and available at Walmart, Target and Barnes & Noble. Our quilts appeared in Saks Fifth Avenue windows and we’re developing a line of quilting cottons, a collection of online courses and so much more.

 CEO (Doggy) Buster Keaton


Buster - a Yorkiepoo, was born on May 8, 2021. He is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy who enjoys frolicking outside in windy weather, playing with toys containing catnip, nuzzling his nose against you, and snoring into your leg while taking naps. He’s super social, loves saying hi and giving kisses to everyone who crosses his path. Once fully potty trained, he’ll be given his first pair of outside shoes and officially graduate to full CEO status.

Employee:  Justin Stafford

Justin Stafford has always been a creative soul. As a child, he loved building wood sculptures out of the left-over scraps from his dad’s woodworking shop, taking pictures with disposable cameras, painting landscapes, making greeting cards and eventually finding his bliss in the fiber arts. As a teen, he found himself in foster care and really leaned into his artistry to give purpose to his life. It helped him heal and provided motivation to keep pushing forward.

He attended the Fashion Institute of Technology which landed him in New York City. This proved to be a huge source of inspiration for his work. After winning a Bernina quilts for shelter dogs contest, people started reaching out to see if he gave lessons and so his little quilt business was born. He decided to name it Keaton Quilts after his dog at the time, Diane Keaton, who was the catalyst for him to start sewing again, making her little booties, snappy sweatshirts, and little quilts for her beds. Since then, Diane has passed on the torch to Buster Keaton - his new pup.

After several years of teaching workshops in the city and abroad, and having his quilts appear in Saks Fifth Avenue windows, he wrote his first book - Tiny World: Quilting. It’s a kit that was created especially for beginners, ages 10 and up. Coupled with materials to make an adorable, miniature project, the full-color, photographic, thirty-two-page book provides an overview of quilting and step-by-step instructions to create your very own teeny-tiny kitty quilt. He hopes it’ll help spark some creativity in kids and serve as a great entry point for them into the wonderful world of quilting. 

After the closure of the last quilt shop in Manhattan, Justin decided to step up and open a shop of his own on West 28th St. in the flower district to help keep the craft going in the big city.