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BERNINA L 450 - Visit, call or email us for added discounts to our listed MSRP price!

BERNINA L 450 - Visit, call or email us for added discounts to our listed MSRP price!

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Cut, sew, and finish in one step!

  • High-quality stitches
  • Wave-free seams
  • Fast and smooth at any speed
  • Easy and ergonomic threading
  • Well-lighted, large sewing space


    Micro Thread Control (mtc)

    • For consistent high-quality stitches
    • For professional seams
    • Fine-tune the over-edge threads

    The patended mtc Micro Thread Control saves you significant time and effort while ensuring consistent high-quality stitches, since you need only set thread tension once – even if you alter the cutting width and fabric thickness!

    Ultimate Comfort

    • Two bright LED lights
    • Tools easily accessible in the looper cover
    • Bin for fabric trimmings or accessory storage

    The BERNINA L 450 offers great sewing comfort. The most commonly used accessories are located in the looper cover, neatly arranged and ready to be used. The Cut-offs Bin not only holds the fabric cut-offs, but also serves as foot control storage.

    Benefits of the L 450

    • Sews, cuts and finishes seams in one operation for efficiency and with precision
    • Easy and comfortable to handle even for beginners 2-3-4 thread stitch formations provide the mostflexibility in selecting the perfect stitch
    • Professional stitch quality each time
    • Excellent rolled hemming
    • Perfect for stretchy and woven fabrics
    • Ruffles and gathers automatically with differential feed

    Precise and Flexible

    • Sew fast and smoothly at any speed
    • Stitch & cut thick fabrics with precision
    • Wave- and pucker-free seams

    The L 450 runs smoothly at any sewing speed. It cuts and finishes different thicknesses and types of fabric with ease and high precision. Thanks to the differential feed, you can enjoy wave-free seams in knits and pucker-free seams in fine fabrics.

    Easy Threading

    • With the manual Needle Threader
    • Color-coded threading path
    • Lower looper threader support

    The manual Needle Threader allows for easy and ergonomic threading. It is simple to thread the lower looper thanks to the lower looper threader. The color-coded threading path and the handwheel positioning window help you thread quickly. For your convenience, there is a thread cutter on the left cover.


    Stich Variations

    • Stitches: 16
    • 4-Thread Overlock with Integrated Safety Seam: 1 
    • 3-Thread Super Stretch Stitch: 1    
    • 3-Thread Overlock Wide (LN): 2    
    • 3-Thread Overlock Narrow (RN): 2    
    • 3-Thread Flatlock Wide (LN): 2    
    • 3-Thread Flatlock Narrow (RN): 2    
    • 3-Thread Narrow Seam: 1    
    • 3-Thread Rolled Hem: 1    
    • 3-Thread Picotstitch: 1    
    • 2-Thread Wrapped Overlock Wide (LN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Wrapped Overlock Narrow (RN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Flatlock Wide (LN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Flatlock Narrow (RN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Rolled Hem: 1    
    • 2-Thread Overlock Wide (LN): 2    
    • 2-Thread Overlock Narrow (RN): 2     
    • Overlock Stitch Width  

    Technical Specification

    • Motor: AC
    • Sewing speed, stitches per minute: 1200
    • 5-step presser foot pressure
    • Upper knife drive from below

    Comfort Features:

    • Stitch Selection with Stitch Chart
    • Total Stitch Control
    • Thread Tension Adjustment
    • Stitch Length Adjustment: 0.8–4 mm
    • Stitch Length Fine Adjustment for Rolled Hem
    • Differential Feed Adjustment
    • Cutting Width
    • Micro Thread Control (mtc)
    • Rolled Hem Selection Lever
    • Stitch Finger Adjustable
    • Lower Looper Threader Lever
    • Handwheel Position Indicator
    • Color-coded One-path Threading
    • Threading Chart
    • Stitch Diagram
    • Needle Checking Window
    • Thread Tension Release
    • Space to the Right of the Needle: 2"
    • LED Sewing Light
    • Electronic Foot Control/Power Cord
    • 2-step Presser Foot Lifter
    • Thread Cutter
    • Upper Looper Converter
    • Accessories in Looper Cover
    • Needle Pad
    • Knife On/Off
    • Carry Handle
    • Knife Cover Insert

    Included Accessories

    Standard Overlock Foot (with Tape Guide) (L 450/460)

    Brush (L 450/460)

    Screw Driver

    Cut-offs Bin (L 450/460)



    This warranty shall extend for a period of:

    2  Years: in the case of electrical parts

    5  Years: in the case of printed circuit boards

    20 Years: in the case of mechanical parts from the date of purchase of the product.

    Return Policy

    This item is subjected to a 20% restocking fee.

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