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*PRE-ORDER* bernette 37 Sewing Machine

*PRE-ORDER* bernette 37 Sewing Machine

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An affordable sewing machine with a wide range of features and impressive stitch quality

The bernette 37 is a compact computerized model with simple operation and robust construction. It has many functions, such as the practical start/stop function that allows you to sew without using the foot pedal. You can also use the needle stop up/down function to decide whether the needle should stop in the fabric or up above it. This is a particular advantage when you want to sew corners and turn the fabric around the needle. With the bernette 37 you can also adjust the sewing speed to suit your individual requirements and the type of material. The bright LED light helps ensure that your work surface is always well lit. The bernette 37 is delivered with 5 presser feet (soles).

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      More efficient sewing with simple operation: The bernette 37's LCD display is easy to operate. It shows the current stitch, stitch length and stitch width. You can change the individual settings by pressing relevant buttons. It is also possible to change the settings while sewing. You can use the start / stop function if you want to sew without the foot control. This is useful if you need to sew longer sections or if you want to stand while sewing.

      Includes a wide array of stitch patterns for more flexibility with your sewing projects: The bernette 37 includes over 50 different stitches, consisting of 17 utility and stretch stitches, 2 darning stitches and 19 decorative stitches, 5 buttonholes and 7 quilting stitches. You will be able to handle any sewing project. Sewing elastic jersey fabrics is made easy with stretch stitches.

      Good stitch quality, even on thicker fabrics: The 2-step presser foot lift enables the bernette 37 to sew even thick layers of fabric. This is a real advantage when quilting. The two steps involved in lifting the presser foot allow more space between the presser foot and the transporter, so you can sew multiple layers of fabric beneath the foot.

      Decorative and quilting stitches for magical embellishments: Not only does the bernette 37 have a wide range of utility stitches, including zigzag stitch straight stitch and, but it also includes a whole series of decorative and quilting stitches, with which you can use to add beautiful patterns to your sewing projects.


      • LCD screen
      • Stitch overview and Quick Start Guide
      • Five different buttonholes
      • 50 stitches, including decorative and quilting stitches
      • 7 mm stitch width
      • Start/Stop button
      • Speed regulator
      • Hook System - Drop-In
      • Patterns - 50
      • Buttonholes - 5 (1-step)
      • Speed - 700 stitches/minute

      Included Accessories

      • Foot control
      • Zigzag Foot (set on the machine)
      • Satin stitch foot
      • Buttonhole Foot with Slide
      • Zipper Foot
      • Button sew-on foot
      • Bobbin (x4) (1 set on the machine)
      • Spool pin felt
      • Needle set
      • Second spool pin
      • Seam ripper (buttonhole opener)
      • T screwdriver
      • Brush
      • Spool disc (Small) (x1) (set on the machine)
      • Spool disc (Large) (x1)
      • Spool net
      • Dust cover

      Supports and Manuals


      This bernette machine is covered under a limited warranty for a period of ten (10) years in case of mechanical parts, and two (2) years in case of electrical parts from the date of original purchase

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      This item is subjected to a 20% restocking fee.

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